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Scarification in Syracuse, NY

Scarification is one of the oldest forms of marking the body. Traditionally, it was used to represent rites of passage and to mark different stages of life.

Today, this form of body modification is making a comeback as another way of modifying the body.

Scarab Body Arts offers many types of scarification to meet your needs. Body scarification at our Syracuse, New York, studio allows you to modify your skin in a completely different way.

Scarification Forms


Branding is probably the best-known method of body scarification. However, scarification through cutting is growing in popularity because of the higher degree of control you have over the finished design.

It's important to note that scarification as an art form is done for the same reasons someone would get a tattoo or body piercing. It's in no way related to self-injury or self-cutting.

Our Artist


All scarification performed at our body art studio is done by John Joyce by appointment only. Please contact John if you are interested in a different way to add art onto your body.
Body Scar — Scarification in New York, NY
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